As we all know keyword research is essential first steps for SEO. If you are not doing keyword research for your website, you may not be able to identity right keywords for target audience, you may not get top ranking for important keywords. You may not be able to write relevant content for your website. 

Recently I got questions from various people about how to do keyword research for property website and how to do SEO for property website.

Selecting right keyword for a property website depends on website target audience, what kind of property is listed on website, if you are targeting local area or entire India, if you are creating website for commercial property only or your website is for all types of property? 

Let's take one example that you are creating a property website for Delhi and your target audience is those who are looking for commercial property 

Start with seed keyword first 

  • Property websites in India
  • Property price in Delhi
  • Commercial property in delhi
  • Office on rent in delhi
  • office for sale in delhi
  • shop for rent in delhi
  • shop for sale in delhi
You can get list of keywords from

Enter your seed keywords in and get list of keywords 
Copy list of keywords and paste in spreadsheet
repeat this search with all possible keywords and combinations of head keywords 

Once you create a list of keywords, start identifying your keywords and assign assign importance to your keywords. For example : Fully furnished office for sale in Delhi can be important keyword for you since its more specific. You can identify such keywords and start using your keywords in your landing pages and content. 

You can also use google autocomplete and Google suggest to get list of keywords for your property website. Use Google Keyword Planner tool to estimate search volume of keywords.

If you are facing any challenges, just post your question on our forum and we will be happy to help you with your keyword research for property website